Detroit-Windsor Truck Ferry Final Crossing - September 29, 2023

Our most sincere and heartfelt thanks go out to

...our customers, who trusted the Truck Ferry to provide a safe, secure, and efficient means of conveyance across the border. Since Earth Day 1990, hundreds of thousands of trucks laden with hazardous material and over-dimensional cargo have been transported accident-free, eliminating millions of miles off their route, reducing emissions, fuel consumption, road congestion, risk of accidents, and highway wear and tear.

…the government for allowing us to operate our border crossing. From Customs to Coast Guard to transportation officials and all others who help ensure the security and safety of the border, waterways, and roads.

…McKeil Marine who has always been there for us, providing excellent equipment, crews, business advice, and encouragement for more than three decades.

…the local community that has tolerated our traffic and supported our efforts to make the transportation system safer and more efficient.

…the media, for telling the border story with integrity, honesty, and courage.

For all those who have touched our lives personally and professionally, thank you for your business, kindness, and friendship.

Be well.

Gregg M. Ward

James Primus
Detroit Terminal Manager

Tim Gagnier
Windsor Terminal Manager

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